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RV Mini Blinds

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Single Shade Blinds

Ship your your Day/Nite blinds to me for repair!

You can UPS your blinds to me and I will repair them and send them back the same day if I receive them in time. If not, I will send them the next day.

I charge $35.00 per blind. You pay UPS shipping both ways. I have found that the shipping cost is really less expensive than you might think. I am located in Mesa, AZ. Contact me for the shipping address.

I can also order new blinds for you. It usually takes about 10 business days for delivery.

Click on the links at top for information on the different types of blinds, as well as fabric color samples for each.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. I have been in the RV business for about 12 years and have always had a great reputation with my customers. Contact information is below.


Phone: 602-321-9986